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Pet Grooming Consent and Release Form


Coat Condition:

I understand that this establishment puts my pet(s) comfort above all else. If my pet(s) coat is matted, I know that the groomer may have to shave the mats out rather than perform a painful de-matting procedure; I also understand that if my pet(s) is severely matted, there is an increased risk for clipper burn or cut to occur. I know that all attends will be made to prevent this; however, it is unavoidable in many stream matt conditions. I also understand that matted pet(s) take additional time to groom, so an additional fee will be added to the regular grooming price if my pet(s) coat is matted.


I understand that grooming can be stressful to some pet(s), and I will inform the groomer if my pet has any heart condition or any stress-related issues before grooming. I also understand that it is necessary to have my pet up to date on all vaccinations and Flea and Tick prevention.

Photos: Occasionally, we post photos of some of our grooming jobs on our social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc; if you don't want your pets posted, please let us know. 

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